You Can Now Get "Nutella Cake" In Montreal

You know you want it.
You Can Now Get "Nutella Cake" In Montreal

All my fellow Nutella lovers, I've got some seriously exciting news for you: there's now a Nutella Cake available in Montreal!!! 

There's always new and exciting restaurants opening in Montreal, which is pretty amazing. And there's always amazing food trends popping up all over this city. 

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It honestly looks insanely magical. Can you imagine a moist chocolate cake with layers of creamy Nutella mousse in between them? Well, that's what you'll get from this AMAZING new dessert. 

via @bacaropizzeria

It's available on the dessert menu at Bacaro Pizzeria and a huge slice costs just $8! They are located right downtown at 4259 Saint-Catherine St

They also make other Nutella desserts like their fritters doused in creamy Nutella, also available for $8! 

via @bacaropizzeria

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