You Can Now Get Paid To Be A "Professional Cuddler" In Montreal

The most unique job you will ever have.
You Can Now Get Paid To Be A "Professional Cuddler" In Montreal

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to make money without having to get out of bed? Well wonder no more, because laying in bed is pretty much the only work involved with this job. A little while back we found out that Montreal had its very own professional cuddling service, and then we saw amazing footage of what it's like to actually pay for this service.

But now we're offering you the chance to become an actual professional cuddler. Think of the look of amazement and confusion you'll generate when you're handing out business cards to people. Think of how proud your parents will be. Think of all the cuddling!

So if anyone's ever told you you're a good hugger or you just think the world would be a better place if if they had access to your cuddles, then this job is perfect for you. And remember, NO COITUS.

Check out CuddleMe's website for more info or to apply for a job

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