You Can Now Get "Pitch Black" Ice Cream In Montreal

A sweet, creamy treat to match your soul.
You Can Now Get "Pitch Black" Ice Cream In Montreal

Honestly, if there's a dessert on this earth that I love more than ice cream, I have yet to find it.

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Which is exactly why, every single time something ice cream related arises in Montreal, I am probably one of the most excited people for it.

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And one Montreal ice cream shop is constantly on trend? Ca Lem (6926 Sherbrooke St W), located in Montreal's NDG.

Although this spot is yet to open for the season - a post on the Facebook suggests it'll be open just in time for the first week of June, though - trust, it's an awesome spot.

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They serve sorbets, hard ice cream, and a rotation of soft-serve that legit look like little ice cream clouds of happiness.

Their flavours are always on point. They've done watermelon, pumpkin spice, and... coconut ash. AKA, pitch black "hard" ice cream:

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And last year, they also had soft pitch black ice cream, AKA black sesame, on their soft serve rotation:

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via @calemmontreal

Sounds like the coolest thing ever? Then check out Ca Lem on Facebook for more information.

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