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You Can Now Get 'Poutine Sushi' In Montreal

A beautiful fusion of two of the world's greatest dishes.
You Can Now Get 'Poutine Sushi' In Montreal

Yes, friends, you read that right.

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There was once a time when I, too, would be skeptical of a dish that features sushi and poutine, but one woman from Quebec has blended these cuisines so delicately that it sounds like one seriously awesome meal.

via @lyza_a_

Created by Geneviève Everell, founder of Sushi A La Maison, this dish looks - and sounds - like something you're going to want in your mouth, ASAP.

via @misssushialamaison

Featuring maki filled with sweet potato tempura, duck confit, and melted cheese curds, and then piled high with cheese curds and poutine sauce, this sounds like legit the world's most awesome cuisine fusion.

Sushi A La Maison also

via @misssushialamaison

You won't find any of these rolls at a restaurant, though. Sushi A La Maison specializes in - you guessed it - bringning the sushi to you. So you can go to town on pretty much anything on their menu that you want, all in the comfort of your own home.

via @misssushialamaison

Sounds like the best thing ever? Then check out Sushi A La Maison's Facebook page for more information.

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