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You Can Now Get "Rainbow Donuts" In Montreal

Morsels of goodness.
You Can Now Get "Rainbow Donuts" In Montreal

Doesn't everyone just love a good sugary donut once in a while? Even if you love to eat healthy, sometimes it's good to treat yourself to something that's so sugary, buttery and delicious because you really do deserve it. 

Luckily for all you who agree with me, there's these AMAZING little morsels of goodness that are available right here in Montreal and they look sooo delicious! 

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These unreal donuts are literally translated from French to "butter balls" and they're flying off the racks at Bar a Beurre in Old Montreal. 

They're made like a donut mixed with a macaron with a buttery dough on the outside, and a creamy filling in the middle. They then cover these butter balls in SUGAR (!!) and even sprinkles and other toppings too. 

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These unreal desserts come in tons of different colours and flavours making them rainbow coloured balls of deliciousness! 

You can try different flavours like watermelon, peach, red velvet, Nutella and coffee, lemon, chocolate pecan and sooo many more! 

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Check out their websitefor more information. 

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