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You Can Now Get 'Raindrop Cake' In Montreal

A guilt-free dessert!
You Can Now Get 'Raindrop Cake' In Montreal

Montreal is home to some seriously amazing Asian restaurants and dessert bars that continue to open and offer amazing foods and desserts. Like the new Asian desserts bar that just opened up, the desserts bar that serves bubble tea in light bulbs, and the all-new bubble waffle cafe

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I could honestly go on and on about all the amazing desserts from the ridiculously good Asian restaurants and dessert bars, but now there's a new dessert in town that's been trending all over lately!

Yup, we've got Raindrop Cake right here in Montreal!! 

via @sumidojo

It's served at Sumi Dojo located at 3479 St Laurent Blvd in Le Plateau area! This amazing Japanese restaurant is serving up these awesomely unique desserts for at just a limited quantity so make sure you get over there ASAP! 

via @sumidojo

If you haven't heard of these crazy desserts before that literally look like you're eating a drop of water, they're made from Mochi and is calorie-free and has little to no taste. It's basically a guilt-free dessert! 

You may be wondering, why eat this?? Well, they pair it with roasted soybean flower and a sugary syrup called kuromitsu to add a yummy, sweet flavour to the dessert! 

via @sumidojo

This awesome restaurant also serves delicious Japanese BBQ, huge plates of oysters, massive bowls of ramen and more! 

via @lily.caz

Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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