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You Can Now Get Real Cineplex Movie Theatre Popcorn Delivered To Your House Across Canada

Don't you hate it when you settle-in on a Friday night after a long week at work, ready to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series, and you have absolutely no snacks to fulfill your munchie needs? Let's face it, a movie isn't complete without some movie theatre popcorn. 

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But with the convenience of being able to stream and download everything in under 5 minutes, not many of us go to the theatre anymore and get the luxury of all that buttery-salty goodness.

Even worse, the stuff you can get at the grocery store is usually just "meh". I never know how long to microwave popcorn for, and always end up burning most of the kernels, not to mention you can just tell when popcorn is the legit thing straight from the theatre. 

Via Screenshot Uber Eats

Lucky for us, you're now able to order all the popcorn your heart desires from Cineplex and have it DELIVERED right to your front door! At the same price they charge in the theatre. Your mind has officially been blown. 

If you have UberEats, you can order yourself a bag of popcorn for $6.99, and a 2 drinks, one popcorn and candy combo coming in at $17.99. 

And if all that has you excited, you can also order other traditional movie theatre eats, made right at Cineplex and dropped off with your popcorn. From hot dogs to nachos and bags of candy, the possibilities with this are endless.

All you have to do is log into UberEats and see if it's available near you!

The sky is the limit with this.

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