You Can Now Get "Rolled Ice Cream" Tacos Near Montreal

Taco'bout a sweet treat!
You Can Now Get "Rolled Ice Cream" Tacos Near Montreal

There's been some crazy ice cream trends this summer like the coffee ice cream floats, the lavender ice cream, the cookie dough ice cream sandwiches and crazy milkshakes topped with Nutella stuffed donuts

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The list really does go on and on! You may think that ice cream season is over right? It's almost Labour Day weekend and then it will be September and soon the leaves will be changing and then it's game over. 

But even though the leaves may be changing soon, ice cream season is far from over people! Now there's a whole new amazing trend in town and it's called rolled ice cream tacos!

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They look insanely good, don't they?? You can get them at Frozenrolls in Drummondville, which is just 1 hour 13 mins outside of Montreal! So if you're looking for a quick road trip with a sweet reward at the end, then this is definitely it! 

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You can choose your flavour of ice cream made with anything from fresh fruits, coulis and biscuits! All of this is mixed up together on their frozen tray to make a yummy rolled ice cream.

You can then choose any kinds of toppings from fruit loops to chocolate chips to toasted marshmallows to fresh fruits and sooo many more! 

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All of this goodness is stuffed into a sweet and crunchy cookie shaped into a taco! This is definitely the sweet treat you've been craving this summer. 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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