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You Can Now Get Roti Ice Cream Sandwiches In Montreal

The dessert everyone needs to try at least once!
You Can Now Get Roti Ice Cream Sandwiches In Montreal

Roti is a soft and fluffy flatbread originating in south-east Asia. Still to this day, it is a culinary staple for people of all backgrounds there.

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Similar to what we would call a crepe, Roti dough is traditionally cooked on a griddle and is neither too sweet nor too savory in taste, which makes it a great vehicle for either sweet or salty toppings and filling of your choice.

Pappa Roti AKA "The father of all buns" all started 12-years ago in Malaysia with a strong love and appreciation for Roti in mind.

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Since it's creation in 2003, this Malaysian-based cafe chain has expanded into 14 countries, including Canada, and now specializes in delivering delicious South East Asian style pastries to their happy customers across the world.

We are excited to announce that Pappa Roti Montreal just introduced a new creation which looks so incredible and unique, it deserves its own article.

Ladies and gents, I give you the Roti Ice Cream Sandwich.

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This is a Pappa Roti signature roti bun stuffed with ice cream and sprinkled with toppings.  Think warm, fluffy and doughy exterior, with a cool sweet and crunchy interior. Basically, an intoxicating blend of textures and flavours in your mouth.

This awesome and exclusive dessert will be launching at their super central Montreal location on Saint-Catherine Street West on June 16th.

Located right in the heart of all the festival action this summer, so don't forget to stop by!

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For more information on Pappa Roti check out their Facebook pageHERE and InstagramHERE.

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