You Can Now Get UberEATS For Only $1 All Week Long In Montreal

Happy 1-year anniversary!
You Can Now Get UberEATS For Only $1 All Week Long In Montreal

Do you remember that magical day when McDonald's was suddenly available for delivery?

I certainly do. It was almost as exciting as the day they announced all-day breakfast.

UberEATS switched up the food delivery game in Montreal when it went live across the city only a short year ago. My, oh my, how the time flies!

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Today, UberEATS has announced a promotion celebrating their 1-year anniversary of delivery in Montreal - and this means more UberEATS deliveries for you, for much less!

UberEATS is offering up $1 delivery on all orders this week, and this week only!

Via UberEATS

Considering the gross weather out there, this is the perfect week to sit back at home and binge some Netflix, and order out for your dinner!

Try something new. Check different restaurants ratings and user reviews. Get a dish from a food joint that doesn't, or normally wouldn't deliver to your area.

For me, it's all about Chef On Call.Their burgers are amazing, and sadly, they do not deliver south of the Canal to my hood. I used to order them all the time!

Or... just get yourselves that McDonald's!

Via UberEATS

UberEATS $1 delivery will be available as of today, April 19th - April 26th.

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