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You Can Now Get "Unicorn Frappuccino Cupcakes" At This Montreal Bakery

A glittery, colourful, tasty treat.
You Can Now Get "Unicorn Frappuccino Cupcakes" At This Montreal Bakery

At this stage in the Unicorn Frapp game, some of you might be super tired of all the colourful unicorn themed things going around.

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But not me, guys. The Unicorn Frapps are art. Unicorn Frapp all the things. Unicorn Frapp is life. 

And one Montreal-based baker seems to agree with me. Perusing Instagram, I stumbled upon one creation that pretty much made me turn into the heart eyes emoji IRL:

via @cupcake_couture_mtl

That's right, friends. A Unicorn Frappuccino cupcake.

This delight is made by Cupcake Couture, an online based Montreal baker specializing in custom desserts.

According to the Instagram caption, her Unicorn Cupcake-uccino (I tried) won't disappear like the mythical Frapp did.

Hers is here to stay, and with such gorgeous rainbow batter and frosting (and edible glittery sprinkles!), there's no question as to why.

via @cupcake_couture_mtl

Looks like the cutest dessert in the world? You know it does. Check out Cupcake Couture MTL on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

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