You Can Now Get Vegetarian "Sweet Potato Sushi" In Montreal

There's honestly nothing better in the world than a delicious plate of sushi when you've been craving it all day long. There's some seriously awesome sushi spots in the city that make unreal sushi, but this place is one of the best!

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They make some insane sushi like their fried sushi maki, their loaded sushi pizza, and their spicy popcorn shrimp poke. They're constantly pushing the envelope to find cool and new things they can do with sushi!

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Now they make a vegetarian sweet potato sushi that looks insanely delicious! It's made with sweet potato, cream cheese, walnuts, grenoble and maple syrup.. um yum!! 

You can get this unreal sushi from Boite Geisha at 1209 Mont-Royal Ave in Le Plateau area. 

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The owners of this super successful sushi store are now starting a new venture featuring a huge sake bar and even more unique plates of sushi! This store should be open in this coming fall. 

via @boitegeisha

Make your vegetarian sushi dreams come true! Check out their Facebook page for more information.