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You Can Now Get "Watermelon Bowl" Ice Cream In Montreal

Truly one in a 'melon'.
You Can Now Get "Watermelon Bowl" Ice Cream In Montreal

Okay, so you have definitely heard of Montreal's churro cone ice cream and probably even Montreal's vegan ice cream shop, but this, THIS watermelon ice cream bowl will TRULY blow your mind!

via @le_blueboy

Of course it can be purchased at the well-known, and my personal favorite ice cream shop, Le Blueboy! As soon as I saw these pictures all over Instagram, my mouth legit began to water.

via @mtllovin

Not only does it look like the perfect refreshing treat on a hot summer day by combining both cool ice cream and watermelon, but it is also darn right ADORABLE. It is a combination of watermelon, two flavors of ice cream, melted chocolate, an ice cream cone, and of course a cute mini umbrella as decor. 

via @ode2inspiration

However, Le Blueboy ( located on 150 Mont-Royal Ave E) will only be selling these fantastic watermelon ice cream bowls until the end of the month. So, that means you MUST get there ASAP!

via @le_blueboy

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