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You Can Now Get "Zeppole Cake" In Montreal

Deep-fried heaven.
You Can Now Get "Zeppole Cake" In Montreal

OH MA GAWD! Two of my favorite things have just been combined together to make the ULTIMATE dessert! You can now enjoy a sweet cake COVERED in the Italian pastries known as the zeppole, a deep-fried dough ball.

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And it gets even better because you can order this cake RIGHT HERE in Montreal! So, if you love ricotta filled fried dough and fluffy cake, then this is THE dessert for you.

via @boulangeriesanpietro

Where can you get this gift sent from above? Well, you can find it at none other than San Pietro Bakery located on 1950 Jean-Talon Est just minutes from Jean-Talon market. 

via @boulangeriesanpietro

And trust me, you can put your full trust in this bakery since they have been serving Montrealers since 1979. They specialize in creating unique, custom-designed cakes and pastry trays for all occasions.

via @boulangeriesanpietro

They are honestly one of the most authentic Italian bakeries in Montreal and their ingredients are 514% fresh! So, make your zeppole dreams come true with this cake sent by the gods of  San Pietro Bakery. They literally made it "because we can".

via @boulangeriesanpietro

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