You Can Now Go "Polar Bear Watching" In Quebec

You won't 'bear'lieve this true!
You Can Now Go "Polar Bear Watching" In Quebec

Did you have any idea that you can actually see Polar Bears in their natural habitat right here in Quebec? I can honestly say I didn't, until I came across this unbelievable fact just this morning. 

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Polar Bears are magnificent animals that are unfortunately becoming more and more endangered due to global warming and our poor environment preservation habits. Luckily, Canada is home to 13 out of the world's 19 Polar Bear populations remaining on this planet, which gives us the perfect opportunity to see them while we still can. 

There's a bay located in Northern Quebec called Ungava Bay and it's home to some pretty magnificent sights, including polar bears. 

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This bay is almost too gorgeous to be real, but it actually does exist at the Northern point of Quebec's Nunavik region between Quebec and Baffin Island! 

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures offers accessible tours of this magical area for anyone and everyone looking to explore the beauty of Canada. Their tours are run by knowledgable Inuit guides who will take visitors to the main spots in the area by boat.

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The tour will last several days and you'll be able to see an abundance of rare birds flying far above, Musk-Ox herds roaming through the tundra landscape, and of course Polar Bears in their natural habitats. 

During the summer months Polar Bears will come up to the shores of Ungava Bay to wait until the ice returns. August and September are also the best months to see displays of the magnificent Northern Lights! 

These tours are not meant just for seasoned hikers and explorers, anyone interested in seeing the beauty of this land is encouraged to come, as their is barely any hiking involved and the camps are extremely comfortable! 

Book your tour and learn more about it here


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