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You Can Now Go White Water Rafting Near Downtown Montreal

Calling all thrill seekers!
You Can Now Go White Water Rafting Near Downtown Montreal

Summer in Montreal: picnicking in the park, strolling up the mountain...and plunging through turbulent rapids in the ride of your life.

Club Raft offers thrill-seekers the chance to white-water raft through the Lachine Rapids of the Saint Lawrence River – just west of Downtown Montreal.

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The website promises "whirlpools and extreme waves" and other natural phenomena with names like "Big John" and "Devil's Drop." Who could pass up a chance to ride "Big John"?

The rides are both fun and scenic. Get ready for sweeping views of the island and sprawling expanse of the river. The rapids themselves are an example of the sublime potential of nature right here in the city.

I for one would be too terrified to lift my gaze above the surface of the water.

Rafting trips depart from Parc Richard in Verdun, just two blocks from the Verdun green line metro station and a fifteen minute drive from downtown Montreal.

At only $46, these expeditions are the perfect weekend, birthday party, or work bonding activity.

Brave the very same rapids that bested the first European travellers up the Saint Lawrence.


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