You Can Now Grab A Coffee & Donut With A Montreal Cop, Just For Fun

Coffee With A Cop is the strangest new SPVM initiative.
You Can Now Grab A Coffee & Donut With A Montreal Cop, Just For Fun

Photo cred - Justin Canning

Montreal's police force aren't known for being super friendly or approachable. Blame metro station debacles, riot police mishaps, and their general tendency to give next to no fucks. To change all that, and establish a better line of connection to the people of Montreal, one police station has created the Coffee With A Cop program, which is exactly what it sounds like, reports The Gazette.

An inherently strange and hilarious concept (cops getting coffee and donuts? never), a coffee date with a cop doesn't seem like anyone's idea of a good time, but if you really wanted to meet an officer under more relaxed circumstances than getting a ticket, you can at almost anytime.

Coffee With A Cop works like this: you call into the station (only Station 1 in the West Island for now), you get paired with 1 of 3 community relations officer and a random on-duty, and you have a half to full hour coffee date anywhere you want. What you three talk about is totally up to you, though I wouldn't recommend your seedier stories.

There is a mild ulterior motive to the whole "cop coffee date" initiative, as the SPVM hopes that by talking to people in the community, they'll be able to gain some insights into whats going on in the streets. Hopefully things won't devolve into a full-on interrogation (don't mention your dealer, please) and the entire experience is more of a "we just want to know how you see things" kind of deal.

One major boon to the entire Montreal community Coffee With A Cop brings to the table, something you probably didn't even think of after you tried wrapping your head around the strange idea of getting coffee with a cop, is how you can now sneakily get a date with that hot copper you've had your eye on without anyone being the wiser. We've all seen a hot cop once or twice, and now you have an in. I call dibs on one of these guys, 'cuz dem booties doe.