You Can Now Grab A Coffee & Donut With A Montreal Cop, Just For Fun

If you thoughtJustin Bieber eating at a Tim Hortons was the most stereotypical thing ever, think again.

It's actually a cop eating at a Tim Hortons.

And today, Montreal police officers are inviting you to join them for a coffee and a donut.

40 officerswill be at Tim Hortons and MacDonald on Sainte-Catherine Street between Bleury and St-Laurent.

Between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm you'll be able to sit down for a coffee and a donut (or a McChicken I guess) with a cop so you can ask them every question your heart desires.

Ask them about the army pants, if they've ever been in riot, or what's the craziest thing they've seen while on duty.

This is pretty great because normally the only time you talk to cops is when they're writing you a ticket. So for once you'll be able to ask them more than just: "Is there a problem officer?"

So what are the cops getting out of this? The SPVM hopes that by talking to people in the community, they’ll be able to gain some insights into whats going on in the streets and hopefully learn to see things from out point of view.

Will you be attending? 

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