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You Can Now Have Poutine Pizza Delivered To Your Home In Montreal

Montreal is the unofficial poutine hub of the world. So it's no wonder our poutines come in all shapes, sizes and formats.

Poutine Tacos, burritos, tornados, and even nuggets have been spotted in the city.

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But the one that has captivated our imagination more than any other, is hands down the Poutine Pizza

Of course the poutine pizzahas been available in Montreal for awhile now. But did you know that you can have it delivered right to your home? Pizza Hut has their own version of the Poutine Pizza and you can actually order it online today. 

Which perfect, because let's face it, this is kind of food you're most likely to order on an impulse. If you think about it too long, you might change your mind and opt for a more sensible option, and who the hell wants that? 

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