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You Can Now Have Wine For Breakfast With "Wine Jam"

Goodbye red wine and cereal.
You Can Now Have Wine For Breakfast With "Wine Jam"

Photo cred - foodandwine

Morning can be so rough sometimes that even coffee can't help. In those dark moments of the early morn, your mind instantly jumps to your next favourite mood-altering vice: alcohol. Aactually having a glass of wine/beer/liquor is an understandable social faux pas, but now you have a clever way around society's judgmental gaze, with wine jam.

Created in Vermont, "wine jam/jelly" is exactly what it sounds like, being a spreadable jam cooked with wine and fruits. Available fr $7 in both sweet and savoury flavours, you can spread some of this wine jelly on your toast feel like you're having a glass of wine. Get more details here.

Okay, so the alcohol won't really be there, but your brain doesn't know that. Trick your drank-fiending mind into thinking it's enjoying a glass of red and enjoy the mental relaxation and comfort, kind of like people do with decaf coffee, just, you know, for alcohol.

And on another note, thanks to wine jam, you'll never have this thought cross your mind ever again...we hope.