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You Can Now Name A Star After Yourself For $30

Something so big for so little.
You Can Now Name A Star After Yourself For $30

I was thinking about possible Valentine's Day gift ideas and they were all quite boring to be honest. Dinner date? Meh. Chocolates? Nope. Flowers, lingerie, teddy bear, card? It's all been done. We need something bigger, better, more unique and memorable.

As I was cruising the internet today thinking, "What in the universe can it be?", it just hit me, like "Eureka!" You can name a star after that one special person and celebrate your love forever. How beautiful and impressive is this gesture? You can't top this gift. "Baby, I named a star after you!" - that's beyond romantic. You can even name a star after yourself, YOLO!

I actually found a special star-naming gift pack selling for only $30 (it used to be $60). You can click here for more info.

It includes:

- a recording of the new star name with its coordinates

- a certificate with the star name that you have chosen and the coordinates for the star that they will have named for you, registered in the Copyright Office of the United States of America

- a personalized sky chart showing the star name and the date. The sky chart will also show the constellation where the star is located and its exact location.

- a congratulatory note from the company confirming that the star has been named

It's super legit! If you want to add a little something extra, why not get a cute star pendant or bracelet as an addition to the gift? It will definitely make an impression on your significant other.

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