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You Can Now Officially Go On A "Naked Date" In Montreal

You must be willing to bare it all.

A few weeks ago, there were rumors that a show called "dating naked" might be coming to Montreal.

In case you aren't familiar, the premise of the the show involves sending a couple out on a first date completely naked. I highly recommend it.

When we posted about it, the public went nuts. We never realized how many of you were free spirited exhibitionists.

Although we were hopeful, we didn't actually think the show would happen here, we just figured it was a rumor.

But as it turns out, the show is so popular that MusiquePlus has decided to film some episodes of their own.

So if you live in Quebec, are over 18 and you don't mind taking you clothes off in public then I have some great news:

Auditions are now open to be among the first contestants on "Célibataires et nus Québec."

So if you're up for it, click here to apply now!

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