You Can Now Play Pacman On The Streets Of Montreal

Saint-Catherine, Saint-Laurent & Saint-Denis included.
You Can Now Play Pacman On The Streets Of Montreal

Photo cred - GoogleMaps (Saint-Catherine and Fort)

Google is no stranger to April fools they've done several in the past and this year they did not disappoint. Google has unleashed a number of April fool's pranks that will give your hours of procrastinating pleasure at work or school today.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Pacman map. If you go on Google maps right now and type in any address, you'll see a Pacman icon appear on the bottom left side of the screen. Click Here to Play Now!

Photo cred - GoogleMaps

Click it and it will turn any map into a Pacman game you can actually play.

(Rene Levesque and Papineau)

Google Dial-Up Mode in case your internet is so fast it's taking over your life.


A key-less keyboard operated by a party horn for when your hands are occupied.


If you use Google chrome on your phone or computer you may have noticed a little pop-up asking you to take a chrome selfie. This allows you to leave a reaction picture of your impression of the page.

Elgoog which sounds like the Mexican Google but it basically flips everything on Google.

Click here for Elgoog

And Google Panda is basically just a stuffed panda with voice recognition and wi-fi that you keep close or clip on your arm so that it can assist you and answer questions.


Google had definitely outdone themselves this year!

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