You Can Now "Rent A Puppy" For A Day In Montreal

This is 'paw'sitively awesome news!
You Can Now "Rent A Puppy" For A Day In Montreal

THIS IS NOT A DRILL GUYS!! All you puppy lovers out there need to listen up because I think this is the most exciting news you'll hear all year long. There's a company right here in Montreal that lets you rent a puppy for the day!! 

via @dogtimecommunity

The company is called Dogtime Community and the way it works is super simple. All you have to do is go onto their site, look through their list of available dogs in the city and send a request to the owner! 

And just like that you've got a puppy to hang out with for the day!

via @dogtimecommunity

You have the option to try this app for free, allowing you to only send requests to certain dogs, or purchase a monthly membership for just $9.99 where you get to contact all available dogs, ensured high response rate, and insurance coverage. 

via @dogtimecommunity

Right now they have 42 dogs available for walking right now! 

Lola, the Cavelier King Charles/Beagle mix

Sindar, the Siberian Husky

Or Clarence, the Corgi

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I hope you all take advantage of this amazing app right away because I know I will be! 

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