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You Can Now Rent These "Tiny House" Camping Vans In Montreal

The most glorious road trip, ever.
You Can Now Rent These "Tiny House" Camping Vans In Montreal

Okay, colour me excited - cause this is just freaking cool!

I don't know about all of you guys, but I personally have always dreamt of owning one of those vintage vans you can camp inside, and taking it all over Canada and North America one summer - just touring random places. 

Really, it is the dream summer vacation I have always wanted.

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Well, instead of buying one of these vans, you can actually rent one in Montreal with all the souped-up features you could ever dream of! 

Just imagine it. You, and your squad, or significant other, inside a cozy van traveling the Canadian roads, parks, beaches, and festivals. Sleeping under the stars, posting up at campsites or small towns for the night. 

Via VanLife

This would easily be one of the best "Canadian" road trip experiences one could ask for, and while it isn't necessarily "cheap", prices are definitely not unrealistic. 

VanLife MTL is a Quebec-based company that offers you van rentals with all the features you could need to set-up a tiny mobile home for your excursions this summer season.

If their standard features don't cover all your needs, there are also plenty of upgrades and add-ons from BBQs, tables, outdoor showers and more!

Via VanLife

Canada is full of amazing destinations or hidden gems that you may not think of checking out - but they are out there, they exist, and we've probably told you about them already. 

We have ghost towns, very private and hidden beaches, a ton of festivals and events, amazing National Parks - which all have free days this year! Really, the opportunities here in Canada are endless. 

@vanlifemtlembedded via  

But, if the Canadian road trip doesn't grab your attention - then think about the U.S., too! We're a short drive away from a lot of amazing beach towns and coastal towns throughout New England in the States. 

For me, it's all about the festival season. I would love an opportunity to just spend the summer season driving from city-to-city, checking out all the music festivals I could. Or, god help me if Rihanna announces a summer tour, cause I'll just follow that to every city - I'm totally serious. 

VanLife MTLrentals can accommodate up to 4 people sleeping in their vans - with 2 and 4 seater options available. They are fully stocked with a fridge, kitchenette, and of course, beds!

If you can think of a better way to take a road trip this summer, then tell me! I doubt you could!  

Via VanLife MTL

If you can think of a better way to take a road trip this summer, then tell me! I doubt you could!   

I am super intrigued by this, and will definitely be doing more investigating. 

You can find more information, rates, and reservations with VanLife MTL right here. 

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