You Can Now Ride A New AZUR STM Metro Car On The Green Line

Here's to a better commute.
You Can Now Ride A New AZUR STM Metro Car On The Green Line

You had your alone with Montreal's new AZUR metro cars, Orange Line, it's time to share with the Green Line. 

That's right, starting yesterday, Montrealers could hop onto an AZUR train when riding across the Green Line as the STM continues to test the new metro cars. 

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Unlike the tests held in early July, Montrealers can now actually get on one the AZUR trains running between Honoré-Beaugrand and Angrignon stations. 

According to an update from the STM, the latest round of testing is to document how the AZUR trains operate on the Green Line while carrying a full load of passengers. 

This is happiness!! AZUR finally on the green line!! ❤️

August 14, 2017

"Don't hesitate to climb aboard" says the STM, making these test-runs for the AZUR feel like the real thing. 

Still, don't assume you'll be hopping onto an AZUR if you're travelling on the Green Line today, or for the next few weeks. 

A wild AZUR appearing while on the Green Line route (note the Poké-reference) will be "sporadic," notes the STM. The complete fleet of twenty-four AZUR trains for the Green Line aren't on the tracks yet. 

But these "sporadic appearances" may only last a few weeks if testing goes smoothly. 

UPDATE: According to the STM, the full fleet of AZUR trains will be on the Green Line by 2018, ideally, and not by the end of summer, as previously suggested. 

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