You Can Now Save 50% On Bixi Bikes This Summer In Montreal

Yet another reason to hop on a bike!
You Can Now Save 50% On Bixi Bikes This Summer In Montreal

If you take a look at the weather coming up at the end of this week, then I'm sure you're going to get excited about going outside. That's right! It's finally going to be sunny!

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We no longer have to sit on our butts inside, staring outside, thinking about all the fun things we could be doing if the sun was out. Now, we can actually go do them. And that includes ditching our cars and public transportation passes and hoping on a Bixi bike.

Montreal's Bixi bikes are pretty much a symbol for the city. As soon as the sun comes out, you can definitely expect to see half the city biking around. And now, they've rolled out yet another deal to make it even easier for you to use them.

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OPUS and Bixi are working together on this one, so if you combine the two, you can get half off! This offer is running in June, July, August, and September! And let's face it, those are pretty much the only warm months of the year in Canada.

All you have to do is load your normal STM monthly fare onto your OPUS card and you'll only have to pay $16 for a 30-day BIXI membership instead of the regular $32! 

For proof, you just need to show up at a customer service point in the STM network and present your OPUS card already loaded with a valid monthly pass. And then they'll give you a promotional code that will work towards the BIXI pass. And then when you visit the BIXI website, you just have to enter the code in the “Redeem a gift certificate” section of the membership form.

You can find all the customer service points at

Check out the offer here!