WATCH: Local Montreal Artists Rap Kijiji Ads About Your Old Stuff

In the world of mixed media as we know it today, it can be a challenge to cut through all the noise and effectively deliver your message to the masses. This rings especially true for most of us millennials, who at the sight of an ad, quickly and mercilessly hit the skip button without hesitation.

When it comes to selling your old stuff, popular sites like Kijiji have figured out how to make it super easy to spread the word. So much so, Kijiji recently got extra creative about advertising themselves with a series of raps featuring local artists such as WASIU and Meryem Saci, lyrically waxing about what you can find on the website.

Kijiji decided to turn it over to the public, asking for user submissions of their own to receive the full rap treatment by the artists. The results are hilarious.

Check out the rest of the raps here.