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You Can Now Take "Chocolate Baths" In Montreal

Now THIS is heaven.
You Can Now Take "Chocolate Baths" In Montreal

Have you ever had a dream where you are literally BATHING in a tub chocolate? I know I sure have especially when it's that time of the month and I savagely eat boxes and boxes of chocolate. Well, what would you say if I told you that this Montreal spa offers therapeutic chocolate baths?

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Yes, it is true! You can now officially take a chocolate bath in Montreal. This is chocolate heaven for ANY and EVERY chocolate fanatic. Not only does this sound insanely fun, but it is also very relaxing. 

Spa Centrale Parc offers this insane therapeutic experience all year round as a regular bath session. 

via @roidlarivesud

"The Belgian chocolate and essential oil bath allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderfully invigorating experience. Its stimulating and energizing properties let you free yourself of fatigue.Known for is euphoric and anti - depressant qualities, the chocolate bath helps your skin regenerate while leaving a soothing sweet scent." 

General Information


1 person
30 min: $57
45 min: $70

2 persons
30 min: $95
45 min: $115

Where: 3467, avenue Papineau

Hours: Monday to Sunday
10:00 AM to 9:00 PM


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