You Can Now Take "Chocolate Baths" In Montreal

It's probably impossible not to lick your fingers.
You Can Now Take "Chocolate Baths" In Montreal

Do you daydream about chocolate a lot? Yeah, me too. With Easter coming up this weekend, it's almost impossible to avoid. 

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What if I told you that you could actually take a bath in chocolate? Yeah, that's right. You can be fully submerged in chocolaty-goodness right here in Montreal. Now, that's a daydream come true if you ask me.

And you don't have to fill your bathtub with chocolate and melt it with a hair dryer to get this experience. Spa Centrale in Montreal actually offers it as a therapeutic experience! 

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This is just one of their many bath experiences and it looks delicious. It's called the "Therapeutic Chocolate Bath" and it's made of Belgian chocolate and essential oils. It's supposed to help with fatigue by stimulating and energizing you. This chocolate bath is supposedly "euphoric" and has anti-depressant qualities.

It'll help your skin regenerate and it'll make you smell great!

For one person, it costs $55 for 30 minutes, and $65 for 45. In case you want to soak with a friend or a lover, it's $90 for 30 minutes for two and $110 for 45. So yes, it costs for luxury. But you are soaking in chocolate after all.

This luxurious spa offers all kinds of treatments; it's the perfect place to relax on your day off, or long weekend (hint hint).  Find it here! They even have special Easter spa offers!