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You Can Now Take "Wine Yoga Classes" In Montreal

It's wine o'clock!
You Can Now Take "Wine Yoga Classes" In Montreal

Yoga trends are officially taking over Montreal. There's goat yoga classes happening at the end of this month, a huge all-white yoga festival happening this weekend and now there's wine yoga! 

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You might have heard of beer yoga already, where you drink awesome beer while doing yoga. Wine yoga is exactly the same thing but with wine of course! They thought of the two most relaxing things in the world, yoga and a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, then combined them to create this amazing class!

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This classy event is happening this Saturday, August 12th from 2-4pm at Lord William Pub in the heart of Little Burgundy! The class costs $20 and that includes a glass of wine. 

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Don't miss out on attending this awesome yoga event happening this weekend so you can drink and relax your weekend away! 

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Check out theFacebook event for more information. 

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