You Can Now Travel From Montreal To Toronto For Just $39

Prices less than a night out on the town.
You Can Now Travel From Montreal To Toronto For Just $39

Sometimes, all we really need to rejuvenate ourselves is a spontaneous trip out of the city.

The weather has been up and down, and the city seems to be feeling a little drowsy and groggy waiting for spring to finally show up. 

Via Rail's Tuesday discount announcements have come, and once again they are offering some incredible prices on quick trips between Montreal - Toronto.

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A quick trip out of Montreal has just become all the more feasible with the price chops on Via Rail.

For only $39 (tops) you can book a ticket to Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and Quebec City to relieve yourself, even if only for a moment or two, from Montreal.

Via Via Rail

These quick discounts are always a great way to take in something a little different, and at this time of year it could potentially end up saving you some bucks in different ways too!

Toronto, and the rest of Canada, often enjoy retail and shopping that we just don't get here in Quebec. Around this time of year essentially every store has some incredible winter clearance sales (and no, I don't only mean jackets) with some major discounts you can take advantage of making your trip essentially pay for itself. 

Go check out Toronto's Black Market  - where everything is $10 and under. Really, it's worth it. 

Or, I'm sure there are plenty of events in Toronto that you may be able to catch if you time your quick getaway just right. 

Either way, Toronto is more than worth the $39 bucks. I spend more than that on Uber in an average night. 

Now go get yourself out of town and enjoy Toronto!.. Or Quebec City!.. Or Kingston - but who really cares about Kingston?