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You Can Now Travel From Montreal To Toronto For Just $44

The perfect opportunity to book your trip for the Thanksgiving weekend.
You Can Now Travel From Montreal To Toronto For Just $44

For those of us that don't have a car, there aren't too many options for ways to travel. Luckily, living in Canada, we have the advantage of VIA Rail, so it's easy to stay connected and travel to basically any city you want.

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TL;DR VIA Rail is offering rides from Montreal to Toronto for only $44 during their Discount Tuesday promotion. The deal also offers discounted rates on other Canadian train routes. Seats are limitied and the promotional ticket is non-refundable.

One of the most popular routes when travelling by VIA Rail is Montreal to Toronto. As the two major cities in eastern Canada, they attract thousands of people throughout the year. The only downside is that tickets aren't super cheap most of the time, making it harder to plan that next weekend getaway.

Luckily, it's as if VIA Rail has heard our prayers and has granted us insanely cheap prices for the route.

Yes, you can now travel to Toronto from Montreal and it's only going to cost you $44!

The cheap price is all thanks to VIA Rail's Discount Tuesday promotion. On top of this there are quite a few other routes that are offering discounted prices. Now is seriously the best time to start planning all of your cross-country trips. Tickets will not be getting any cheaper than this!

The promotion comes just in time to book your trip to visit family and friends for the Thanksgiving weekend. Although you may want to jump at this sale ASAP, as tickets will defintiely be sold out in no time.

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The train takes you from downtown Montreal straight into the bustling streets of downtown Toronto. Oh, and in case you didn't already know, free Wi-Fi is included on the train. 

For more information on VIA Rail's Discount Tuesday and to purchase your Montreal to Toronto ticket, click HERE.

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