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You Can Now Travel Montreal To Toronto For $40 All Summer Long

A front row seat to our beautiful country!
You Can Now Travel Montreal To Toronto For $40 All Summer Long

Good morning fellow travelers, and smile, because we have some good news!

You remember when Canadianswent crazy after VIA rail offered that deal that seemed too good to be true? Well that deal may be gone, but there are a lot of other awesome deals discount passes you can check out right here

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But if a pass seems like a little much, there is another option at your disposal. 

Discount Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, VIA rail drops the price of their fares 

That means you can travel to From Montreal to Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa, or Kingston for $40 or less!

And if you're from Toronto, you can travel to Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, London and 12 other cities for $45 or less! (Cheaper on Tuesdays)

But just in case you can't wait until next Tuesday, you can buy your tickets right now, and they will only cost you about $5 more on average. 

So what are you waiting for?  Start planning your trip!

(***The deals will ONLY appear on Tuesdays***)

Click here to see VIA Rail's lowest fares

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