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You Can Now Visit Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts For 100% Free

Seriously, zero charge.
You Can Now Visit Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts For 100% Free

Need a cheap date night idea? Or maybe something fun to do solo that won’t cost you much, or anything at all?

Then go to a Montreal museum, because you can get in for free, no entry-price necessary.

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Well, that’s if you have a library card. 

As of yesterday, Montreal libraries (including the Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec) are allowing patrons to partake in a new “Borrow a Museum” program. 

Like the name suggests, library card-holders can check out a museum pass like they would a book. With the pass in hand, you can get into the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or the Centre d’histoire de Montréal for absolutely free. 

The museum passes work almost exactly like books. If there’s a pass in stock at the library, you can take it out for a period of three weeks. Late fees apply to overdue cards and reservations can be made ahead of time. 

100 museum passes are available at the Grande Bibliotheque, reports The Gazette, while all other libraries will have 20 passes to hand out. 

More details, and how to reserve a card, can be found here

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