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You Can Now Watch Live TV Online For FREE In Canada

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You Can Now Watch Live TV Online For FREE In Canada

About ten years ago, the experience of watching television changed forever with the introduction of streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and even Youtube have revolutionized entertainment. Streaming is one of the advents that has produced our current "Golden Age of Television."

But with prices for streaming subscriptions creeping up and increased competition between platforms, it's getting harder and harder for viewers to get access to quality content.

That's why the trend is beginning to reverse. According to NBC News, there has been a resurgence of live television — online.

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Sites like Pluto TV make use of classic commercials breaks to offer dozens of channels of live TV for FREE.

Pluto is now operational in both Canada and the United States. 

The site supplies what NBC calls "comfort food" television, attracting sentimental viewers with its selection of cartoons, old comedies, documentaries, reality television, and sports channels.

Pluto organizes most of its channels by genre: Comedy, Drama, Thrillers, Documentary, etc.

The American site also includes favourites like MTV and Nickelodeon. NBC and CNN are among the selection of news channels.

Pluto isn't just live TV, however. There's also an On Demand tab that, in the U.S., features cinematic classics like Legally Blonde and The Terminator, among dozens of other options.

The Canadian site has fewer, but equally fun channels.

Pluto is the perfect antidote to the dizzying overabundance of streaming services on the market right now.

You won't get Game of Thrones, but you can revel in a wide selection of feel-good programs.

You can check it out here!

You can also read more about Pluto TV and the revival of live television in the computer age on the NBC website here.

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