You Can Now Watch Movies And TV Shows With Friends Across Canada Through "Netflix FaceTime"

Netflix and chill even when you're miles apart.
You Can Now Watch Movies And TV Shows With Friends Across Canada Through "Netflix FaceTime"

If you've ever watched Netflix by yourself then you understand how boring it can get compared to binge watching your favourite series with a friend. Not only do you get to experience the company of someone else, but you can also rant about the show the entire time it's playing. Needless to say, when it comes to Netflix, two is definitely better than one.

TL;DR Netflix Canada has released a new feature called "Netflix Party" that lets you synchronize video from a movie or TV show with friends while also introducing a group chat. More details on installation of this extension below.

But sometimes circumstances may make it impossible to get together with your friends or special someone. Especially during times of the year like right now, when everyone is across the country visiting family for the holidays, it's not like you can just call your friend over for some Netflix binge-watching.

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Which is why we have to admit Netflix Canada came up with the best Christmas present this year, as they now offer a "Netflix Facetime" feature for anyone in need of some company while watching a show or movie.

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The new feature is actually called Netflix Party, and it allows you to watch Netflix remotely with whomever you want. Long distance relationships definitely just got a lot easier.

The feature synchronizes the video playback and adds a group chat, so not only do you get to watch a movie with your friend but you can also talk to them at the exact same time! This seriously could not get any better.

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All you have to do to add this extension to your Netflix account is open the Netflix Party page in Google Chrome and then open a movie or TV show on Netflix. Then you click the Netflix Party or "NP" button next to the address bar and there you go! Watch an endless amount of movies with your friends even if they're on the other side of the country.

For more information and to start your long distance Netflix and Chill party, click HERE.

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