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You Can Now Win Poutine For Life In Canada

Now that's a lottery I'll dabble in.
You Can Now Win Poutine For Life In Canada

If you had to choose between $10,000 or free poutine for life, would it be a difficult decision? Of course, it wouldn’t. Either way, you can set yourself up with as much cheesy, potato goodness as your belt can stand.

The Atlantic Lottery Corp (ALC) is capitalizing on Canada's mad love affair with poutine with their new Poutine For LIfe scratchers. How could it get any easier to set yourself up for life (set yourself up poutine wise, that is) than to just scratch a few squares.

The scratchers are only $2 and are out this July across Atlantic Canada!

Of course, it seems ridiculous that they would leave Quebec out of this whole deal... but hopefully this will spur Loto-Quebec to whip up a similar contest for us in the true Poutine Province.

Players of Poutine For Life can win a top prize of a restaurant gift card valued at $10,000 or choose to accept the cash value, while secondary prize winners will receive gift cards worth $2,500.

But is it really poutine for life? Let’s try to do the math here. If you average out a restaurant poutine at $7 a plate (and depending on the restaurant there could also be taxes and maybe a tip), then your 10 grand will get you about 1,428 poutines. 

If you want to chow down on poutine three times a week, then (not taking inflation into account) you are good for just over nine years of free poutine. Not quite a lifetime, but still, not the worst $2 investment.

The scratch sales are estimated to be over $1.1 million over the next four months with an added $300,000 in digital sales. 

Poutine For Life Lottery Scratchers

WHERE: At or scratch ticket dispensaries across Atlantic Canada

WHEN: Available now

COST: $2


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