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You Can Play And Do Yoga With Adorable Baby Goats At This Farm Right Outside Montreal

Interacting with animals is inherently soothing. Animals are therapeutic, there's no question about it. Why else would emotional support dogs exist?

Just think of the tingling feeling of excitment you get from petting a friendly tail-wagging dog. There's nothing that can compare to that child-like joy.

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TL;DR Ferme Du Domaine Quinchien, located in Vaudreuil-Dorion about 45-minutes from Montreal, has over 150 animals you can interact with! During the winter season they operate for special events, classes, and group visits only. During the spring/summer you can visit the farm for a small individual entry fee. They are also hosting "goat yoga" sessions throughout December!

Sadly, living in the city means not experiencing a great deal of interaction with animals, other than the occasional squirrel, raccoon, or bird.

But take a quick trip outside Montreal and you can easily visit local farms that house hundreds of cute farm animals. 

Ferme Du Domaine Quinchien, located in Vaudreuil-Dorion about 45-minutes from downtown Montreal by car, is the perfect spot to take an afternoon drive on the weekends. 

It's an animal-lover's dream, with over 150 different cute creatures you can interact with and feed!

Via FermeQuinchien

During the winter season, Ferme Du Domaine Quinchien operates for special events, classes, and group visits. If you want to get a crew of people together, you can contact them to arrange a tour of the farm and the animals!

However, during the warmer spring and summer, they are open to individuals – not only groups – and you can have access to play and interact with the goats and other animals for $12.75 for adults and $8.95 for kids.

Just look at how cute these little goats are!

That said, if you're interested in checking out the baby goats, the farm is hosting "goat yoga" classes in a heated indoor space throughout December.

  • Thursday December 14th @7pm
  • Saturday December 16th @7pm
  • Saturday December 23th @1pm
  • Thursday December 28th @1pm
  • Saturday December 30th @1pm

Check out this video, this could be you, surrounded by some insanely cute goats!

@fermequinchienembedded via  

For all the information, check out Ferme Du Domaine Quinchien official Facebook page and official website here. 

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