You Can Play "Giant Bubble Soccer" In Montreal

Everything is better with bubbles.
You Can Play "Giant Bubble Soccer" In Montreal

Soccer is pretty fun if you're good at it, but if you're anything like me and your foot-work is like that of a drunken duckling then soccer is just "okay". 

Inviting me to play soccer is like inviting me to run back and forth across a field for an hour. Not exactly my idea of fun.  But there's one kind of soccer I can picture myself having fun with.

Giant Bubble Soccer!

I had no idea this even existed until my girlfriend sent me a photo of these guys playing near Mount-Royal. These matches are organized by a company called Oze Ma Bulle and the concept is simple: playing soccer and other sports inside giant inflatable bubbles.

The game looked awesome. People were running into each other at full force, tackling each other and some players even had some fancy flip moves that looked like a ton of fun.

Check out Oze Ma Bulle's website for more information.