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You Can Play Real-Life "Where's Waldo" All Over Montreal

You really won't want to miss this.
You Can Play Real-Life "Where's Waldo" All Over Montreal

Photo cred - indigodopamine

Everybody always asks "Where's Waldo?" But no one ever asks "How's Waldo?" Either way, if you ever had the absolute joy of trying to find Waldo on the page, get ready, because everyone's favourite candy-cane adventurer is set to take over the streets of Montreal next week.

As part of the Montreal Joue Festival, which brings together the young and the young at heart to partake in fun games and activities all over the city, Waldo will be taking time out from his busy travel schedule to come play hide and seek with us during Ludia's #flashmobjeux next Tuesday.

There are even prizes up for grabs if you manage to spot that wily Waldo at specific locations around the city, including an iPad Air 2, a $50 iTunes gift card, or a $50 Google Play gift card. Not that you really need any extra incentive to play real-life Where's Waldo, amirite?

What: #flashmobjeux (live games and Where's Waldo hunt)

When: March 3, 2015 between 7am and 1pm

Where: All around town

Follow @LudiaGames and hashtags #flashmobjeux and #WaldoAndFriends on Twitter and Facbook to get more details and clues on Waldo locations.