You Can Play With Alpacas At This Adorable Farm In Quebec

Alpagas Chelsea is an adorable alpaca farm in Quebec, not far from Gatineau. The farm is the home for about 19 alpacas, and they're open for visits every weekend! One you arrive at the rustic farm, you can meet the alpacas and take some seriously Insta-worthy photos.

Choosing to go in the spring is great, because it means that you will be able to meet all of the adorable little alpaca babies. Not to mention that interacting with animals is a great way to de-stress before dealing with impending deadlines or exams.

The family-owned business purchased its first alpacas in 2012, though the farm was not officially built and open to visitors until 2017. The farm is currently run by Geneviève Rousseau and Marc Charron, as well as their two daughters Gabrielle and Élianne.

Once on site, you can browse through a bunch of alpaca-yarn based products, from teddy bears and hats to yarn. (Pst: you can also shop their products online).

The farm has a ton of baby alpacas right now, and it's adorable.

You can pet and feed some of the alpacas if you decide to visit the farm. The website states that "Children (young and old) can feed the alpacas and discover the amazing fiber that these animals produce. Our visitors will be able to keep warm and dry this winter thanks to the 'fiber of the gods.'"

The farm itself is located in the small town of Chelsea, not far from Gatineau and Ottawa. There's a long weekend coming up in Easter, and this might just be the way to spend it.

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If you want to visit the alpacas while they're still fluffy, you have to act fast! Shearing season is in May, after which alpacas look a little more naked.

Check out the farm here!