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You Can Race Remote Controlled Sailboats In Montreal's Old Port This Summer

Just watch out for baby ducks!
You Can Race Remote Controlled Sailboats In Montreal's Old Port This Summer

This past week has been trying my patience in so many ways. One thing I know for certain, maybe the only thing, is how happy I am to finally see some nicer weather coming our way! 

Sure, it may not be the hottest weekend we will see in Montreal - but as of now, it looks like we're in for a solid weekend of warmer spring weather and sunshine with temperatures reaching about +22 on average. 

With all of the F1 events and packed crowds around downtown this weekend, I thought to myself that it could be a great time to go have some Old Port fun! Sure, the tourists may bleed over to the Old Port on some days - but with the focal point of Montreal being Peel and Crescent streets - now is the time to take advantage! 

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On such a nice, sunny day - why not head down to the Old Port and take in some of the summer activities they have to offer! There's something for everyone, on every budget. 

I have this picture in my head sometimes of hanging out by a pond in the summertime, just enjoying the day and racing sailboats. Seriously, in my head, it feels so picturesque. 

Via Microvoile

In the Old Port of Montreal, all summer long, you can go try your hand at racing sailboats without getting wet! It's probably not hot enough outside to want to jump in the water anyway, but I know myself and the spring weather will not stop me from diving into summer! 

You gotta start somewhere! 

Microvoile is there to bring out some summer fun racing remote-controlled sailboats. This is fun for anyone, of any age - and super fun for families with kids. 

It's super cheap too! $5 is all you need to get in on a race of your own! So let's make it more fun! How about you and your squad take a nice sunny stroll into the Old Port. Check out their new Cruise Ship Terminal, and challenge all your friends to an Old Port sailboat race! 

Via Microvoile

Since we're all big kids here, why not make it a little juicier? How about the winner (or loser) of your squad buys a pitcher or two at an Old Port Terrasse after winning the sailboat race? Best out of 3? Maybe the loser picks up a round of drinks? 

There are many ways you can turn this into a fun little outing! Make some friendly bets among your crew of friends, and see who comes out on top! 

Microvoile also had little motor boats to race, too - and those guys will run you only $10. 

Via Microvoile

If a quick race or game among your crew just doesn't suffice, there are also options to book out up to 6 hours of racing time! So, if you really wanted you can totally make this a full day of competition style racing fun! 

Just one thing - be careful about the ducks! Its springtime and this pond of water does have some ducks swimming around - wouldn't want to see a boat collision with a family of ducks, that's not fun! 

The Bonsecours Basin is a common area for families of ducks, with little ones to see every spring! 

Via Microvoile

You can find more details about Microvoile right here on the Old Port website. You can also check out their official website and make bigger group reservations right here. 

This weekend, instead of hiding from all the festival commotion downtown, enjoy the weather at the Old Port!  

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