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You Can Raft Down This Crazy River This Spring Near Montreal

And it looks epic!
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You Can Raft Down This Crazy River This Spring Near Montreal

Every spring, we Montrealers do what we do best: prematurely bust out our flip flops and our proverbial confetti to celebrate the turn of the season, ‘cause, hell yes, we made it through winter! (Seriously, though, who’s with me?!)

As city dwellers who are especially excited for spring escapades, we love our thrills. Everyone knows Montrealers are big on intense anything intense - extreme sports included.

Just one hour from Montreal, Propulsion Raftingis where it’s at this spring. If, like us, you live for the thrill and are a huge fan of nature adventures, then rest easy knowing Propulsion is the ultimate adrenaline-inducing experience of your dreams!

Allow us to paint the picture for you: You, your crew, and a stellar guide whitewater rafting along Rouge River. Yeah, Propulsion needs to be on your spring bucket list.

We’re not playing, guys - there’s a reason why these dudes score a solid five on Trip Advisor.

Here’s a breakdown of Propulsion’s excursion packages and prices: $89.00 gives you access to their classic rafting package, which includes a group of up to nine people, a full day of rafting, plus a BBQ dinner (ummm, yum or what?!). For $59.00, you get Propulsion’s half-day package, allowing you to experience a shorter (but equally as epic) whitewater rafting experience.

Plus, Propulsion Rafting even offers special rates for groups of 16 people or more.

Oh yeah, and did we mention these guys also offer a ton of other fun stuff? We’re talking volleyball, camping, sportyaking (that’s extreme kayaking, guys), a spa, a swimming pool, and hammocks. I mean, napping in a hammock post-sport, is there seriously anything better?

Okay, so, see you there, Montreal?!

This April through June, you can get in on all the action that Propulsion Rafting has to offer. For more FOMO-inducing awesomeness, check out Propulsion on Instagram and Facebook.