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You Can Rent These Awesome "BBQ Party Boats" In Quebec

Best BBQ plans ever!
You Can Rent These Awesome "BBQ Party Boats" In Quebec

Quebec definitely goes above and beyond when it comes to amazing things to do this Summer. You can literally never leave the province once and still be faced with thousands of different sights, festivals, must-see excursions and adventures. Quebec is truly the best province in Canada!

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Some of the best activities for the Summer always include water. Whether that's swimming on the beach or participating in water sports, or even tubing with friends, what better way to enjoy time outside than to stay cool and refreshed in the province's abundant lakes and rivers? Although it's obvious those activities aren't anything new and it's about time something out-of-this-world amazing came up that you can do before the Summer is over. 

What if I told you that this Summer you can ride in a huge "donut" on water while having a BBQ at the same time? It sounds crazy, but it's absolutely true!

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Top Dopico's BBQ Donut gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate Summer in the most unbelievable way ever. The giant tube that floats on water is equipped with a BBQ in the centre as well as a table with enough room for you and up to 10 people! This definitely takes your Summer BBQ party plans to an entire new level. 

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If it's a super sunny day that's not a problem either since the massive donut also has a giant beach umbrella that you can open up, and at night there are neon lights to light up your ride, so you're seriously in a paradise on water. The best part is there's two locations in Quebec where you can enjoy this amazing excursion! In both Oka and Boucherville, you'll have no problem finding a location close to wherever you are.

Different packages are available for the ultimate experience, and you can even have food for the BBQ provided for you once you arrive. There's really no way you can say no to an experience like this! 

Via Top Dopico's BBQ Donut

For more information and to make a reservation for a Top Dopico's BBQ Donut, click HERE.

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