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You Can Rent This Chalet In Montebello, Quebec And Sleep With Wolves

The view is literally mind blowing.
You Can Rent This Chalet In Montebello, Quebec And Sleep With Wolves

We wrote last month about the amazing Wildlife Zoo in Montebello that lets you sleep amidst wolves in glass cabins, where you can watch 

And this past weekend, we actually visited Parc Omega to take in the whole experience... and it is honestly amazing.

Scroll down to see the unreal video of the one and only wolf wake up call. 

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TL;DR After sharing an article last month about this amazing wildlife nature park experience, we decided to check it out ourselves! Scroll down to see the amazing video of waking up to wolves at the end of our bed!

While Parc Omega is called a "zoo," it's easy to see that it is clearly so much more than that. 

First of all, the animals are given the space to really roam free, and we, as humans, are the ones who are kept safe and enclosed.

What a novel idea! Honestly, this is part of what makes Parc Omega so special. The animals are clearly put first.

Check out what it was like to wake up with the wolves...

And wolves aren't the only animals you'll encounter while exploring Parc Omega.

Check out this video of more Canadian wildlife in their natural habitat...

There's something so special about watching animals play and interact naturally, with all the space they need to be truly wild. And then to see it first hand!? Better than National Geographic, right there.

There also a lot less special, but no less cute wildlife to see...

There's also the opportunity to do a drive through parts of the park.

Again, while you can see a fence here, it's clear the animals have a ton more space than the humans that are confined to the road.

@kafwinembedded via  

The park is split into five sections based on ecosystems, so that animals are able to interact naturally, again, as they would in the wild.

For more information and to book your own stay at Parc Omega, head to their site here.

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