You Can Rent This Fall Chalet Near Ottawa And Share It With Actual Wolves

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You Can Rent This Fall Chalet Near Ottawa And Share It With Actual Wolves

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Whether we like it or not, summer is finally over. The hot, sunny days are getting shorter, our shorts and flip-flops are packed away, and our attention is turning to autumn.

As summer goes, so does patio season, lake trips, tanning on the beach, and eating ice cream 24/7. And that means we're left with a huge, gaping hole of what the heck we can do to fill our time to enjoy fall.  

Sure, we can go for a nice walk through an auburn-coloured forest or search for a Halloween pumpkin, but when it comes to cool activities, the fall season kind of falls (get it?) short. Or so we thought.

Ottawa, our incredible capital bursting with things to do, has something that absolutely everyone should experience this year. Although, let's be honest, Ottawa is full of once-in-a-lifetime adventures that everyone should experience, all year round... but especially in autumn, the capital comes alive.

From visiting Gatineau Park and seeing the leaves turn into a vibrant display of beauty during their Fall Rhapsody event to experiencing a 200 ft drop at Great Canadian Bungee, Ottawa's kind of the place to be. And now, you can add one more thing on your Ottawa bucket list: Parc Omega's Wolf Cabin!

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Parc Omega, a wildlife park where everyone gets to live the experience of wild Canadian nature, is situated only 1 hour away from Ottawa, and it hosts just about the coolest overnight encounter ever. Not only do guests get the opportunity to discover a beautiful landscape, be in nature and learn about the different cultures of our First Nations, they also get exclusive, up close and personal interaction with wolves. 

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Interested? This once-in-a-lifetime experience can be enjoyed by spending the night in the park's latest range of accommodation; the wolf cabin. Panoramic bay windows offer unrestricted views of wolves, allowing you to get to know the pack from the comfort of a contemporary and cozy room. Or, if you're feeling brave, from your terrace, the park's observation lookout, or the bridge. 

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Up to four people can sleep in Parc Omega's deluxe log cabin, and you'll find everything you need to make yourself at home, including a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedding and towels.

Not fond of sleeping so close to large canines? Don't worry. You can see deer, elk and red fox in the park's meadow; moose, black bears and boars in the forest; Alpine ibex and bald-headed eagles in the mountain; beavers and turtles by the lake; and caribou, reindeer, arctic fox and musk ox in the Boreal region. There are also picnic areas, nature trails and car tours for those who want to keep some distance from some of nature's finest animals! 

Plus, one extra really awesome perk of the park? Parc Omega features a real Canadian safari, where you can drive your car through a designated path and observe the animals, up close and personal, in their natural habitat.

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And if you feel like turning your trip into a multi-day excursion, Parc Omega is the perfect addition to a weekend trip to Ottawa. Less than an hour away from our nation's capital, you can sleep among the wolves and make it to the city just in time for lunch - and to cop some delicious tacos at El Camino while washing them down with some tasty craft beer from Clocktower Brew Pub

But trust, Ottawa is a whole lot more than delicious places to eat. From museums, like the Canada Science And Technology Museum and the National Gallery of Canada, to awesome activities, like hiking along the Pink Lake trail and taking horseback riding tours, even to beautiful things to see, like the Mosaïculture grass sculptures, our nation's capital is one seriously awesome place to visit this autumn!

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Visit Parc Omega's website for more information on this incredible experience, or Ottawa Tourism for other great things to do in the city!

Jennifer Browne
Contributing Staff Writer, Studio
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