You Can Rent This Luxurious Party Yacht By The Hour In Montreal

Unless you're lucky enough to find yourself a friend with a boat big enough to accommodate a large group of people, boating in Montreal is definitely a special activity that doesn't come around very often.

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Owning, maintaining, and storing a boat during the winter months is not only costly, it's time-consuming. No wonder few Montrealers actually take the time and save the money to invest in a boat.

But just because Montrealers aren't big on BUYING boats, doesn't mean we don't love 'em.  Nothing quite compares to the experience of partying and day drinking on a boat with your closest friends.

Via Absolu80

Well, this Montreal company wants to make sure that you have access to this service all summer.

Absolu80 Cruises offers not just boat, but yacht rentals by the hour in Montreal. You can rent for a special occasion, such as a wedding reception, or special birthday party. Or, just for the hell of it. Yolo.

For a 2-hour minimum, this beautiful yacht can be yours!

Via Absolu80

If you're renting for a special event, though. They do offer additional services, such as meals, bar-service, and DJ and entertainment.  It's a great way to see and experience the city from a totally new perspective.

For more information on how you can rent this boat, click HERE.