You Can Rent Your Home To Filmmakers And Earn $1000 A Day In Canada

Move over AirBnB.
You Can Rent Your Home To Filmmakers And Earn $1000 A Day In Canada

With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, there is no shortage of ways to earn a little extra money in this sharing economy we live in. That said, the best kind of side gigs are the one's that require the least amount of effort. 

That's why renting out a spare room on AirBnB has been a reliable strategy to earn some extra cash. However, it's not only tourists and visitors to the city that are looking to loan your home for day, local filmmakers are always on the hunt for locations to film their next commercials, music videos, shows, or movies. 

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TL;DR Set Scouter is a popular online listing service where you can list your home to be used for single day film shoots. Think of it as Airbnb for movie shoots; you can make at least $500 a day with very little effort. Scroll down for the link below!

Sign-up for set scouter! It's a free service that lets you rent your houses, condo, or even boat to film for single day shoots with a crew of no more than 12 people.

Depending on the size of your home and the location needed, the compensation starts at about $500 a day and can reach much higher for larger homes.

If you check out their Instagram page, you can see all the types of amazing homes that are listed and being used for filming.

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So far, most listings are located in greater Toronto area, and are being rented out for a daily price tag of $1000 per day. 

But you can find listing in most major Canadian and U.S. cities, including Montreal!

If you're interested in listing your property on Set Scouter, check out their Instagram HERE or official website HERE.

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