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You Can Ride 'Train Bikes' Through The Forest Near Montreal

Fall colours will be beautiful!
You Can Ride 'Train Bikes' Through The Forest Near Montreal

If you're looking for the perfect end-of-summer activity or you're already trying to plan out some great activities for fall - look no further. We found an awesome activity that everyone can enjoy.

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It's called "Les vélorails" which translates to "bike rails" and is exactly what it sounds like. It's a unique contraption which has been designed to fit onto old railway tracks so that you can "bike" around and enjoy the stunning nature of the region. 

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The Vélorails center is located in Beaulac-Garthby which is located South-East of Montreal not too far from Sherbrooke. In one shot it's 2-hours from Montreal, but also makes for a great lazy weekend drive, you can even pass through Sherbrooke for lunch!

Once you are there, you will have the choice between two different routes: one of 10km (1h30) and the second is a little longer with 20km (2h30), each of them is round trip. The first will cost you $30 and the second, $40.

Here's a little promo video of the company to give you a taste of what to expect!

For all the information and to reserve a visit, check out the official Velorail site HERE!

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